6U OpenVPX DSP Engine Features Two Quad-Core Core i7-2715QE Processors

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A rugged, high-performance OpenVPX DSP engine is based on the new quad-core Intel Core i7-2715QE processor. The new CHAMP-AV8 is also Curtiss-Wright Controls’ first DSP engine to offer IDT’s upcoming Gen2 PCIe-to-sRIO protocol conversion bridging semiconductor product, bringing the performance and bandwidth advantages of sRIO switch fabrics to the second generation Intel Core i7 processor-based embedded computing applications.

The CHAMP-AV8 incorporates the enhancements of the OpenVPX (VITA 65) standard with a complete suite of data plane, expansion plane and control plane interfaces. Supporting Gen2 SRIO and Gen2 PCIe interfaces, the CHAMP-AV8 offers triple the bandwidth of first generation VPX products with up to 32 Gbyte/s of fabric performance, thus ensuring that application performance can scale commensurately with the much higher CPU performance.

The CHAMP-AV8 multiprocessing board brings the floating-point performance of the quad-core Intel Core i7-2715QE processor to the OpenVPX form factor standard. Utilizing a pair of processors, the CHAMP-AV8 delivers performance rated at up to 269 GFLOPs. With a 21 Gbyte/s (peak) DDR3 memory subsystem connected directly to the processor, the Intel Core i7-2715QE is able to maximize the throughput of its Intel AVX vector processing units and process larger vectors at peak rates significantly greater than was possible with previous AltiVec-based systems.

The CHAMP-AV8 features a high-bandwidth PCI Express (PCIe) architecture, with onboard PCIe connections between the processors and the XMC site. With 8 Gbyte of flash and up to 16 Gbyte of SDRAM, the CHAMP-AV8 is designed for applications with demanding storage, data logging and sensor processing requirements.

The CHAMP-AV8 is supported with an extensive suite of software including support for Wind River VxWorks and Linux operating environments. Additional software support includes Inter-processor communications (IPC) and Curtiss-Wright Controls’ Continuum Vector AVX-optimized signal processing library. Pricing starts at $19,900.

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