Updates to xTCA Management Controller Solutions for Smartfusion

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Pigeon Point Systems has announced the release of significant enhancements to its xTCA management controllers solutions based on the Microsemi SmartFusion intelligent mixed signal FPGA. The new releases allow reduced management controller footprint and bill of material costs via support for a new smaller SmartFusion package type and for integration of power management functions into the SmartFusion FPGA, displacing external devices. The updated solutions cover IPM Controllers (IPMCs), Carrier IPMCs and Module Management Controllers (MMCs) for AdvancedTCA (ATCA) and AdvancedMC (AMC) boards and modules. The updates will be released during Q1, 2011.

The new solutions support the Microsemi CS288 11x11 mm package, enabling IPMCs that are about 40% smaller than those built with Pigeon Point’s widely used Renesas H8S-based IPMC solutions, even while adding advanced LAN attach capabilities that are not present in those earlier offerings. The LAN attach feature enables dramatic productivity improvements during development and operation by allowing the management controller to share access to existing high-speed LAN fabrics in a shelf.

The new support for power rail management leverages the ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller, the programmable analog subsystem and the flash-based fabric in the SmartFusion FPGA to sequence, monitor and margin onboard power rails, optionally eliminating the need for specialized power rail management devices on the board or module. Power rail sequencing is managed by Cortex-M3 firmware, with fault monitoring supported by FPGA logic, both using analog measurements collected and assessed by the SmartFusion Analog Compute Engine (ACE).

In addition, the new releases support in-field upgrades of the SmartFusion FPGA fabric. This support uses the same PICMG-specified HPM.1 upgrade architecture that is already supported for firmware upgrades in all Pigeon Point management controller solutions.

Like all Pigeon Point Board Management Reference (BMR) management controller solutions, these come with full reference schematics, firmware source code and FPGA design, plus comprehensive documentation, a year of technical support and bench top hardware. The bench top Carrier IPMC can be tested directly with standard AMC modules and the bench top MMC can be installed in standard AMC slots for additional testing flexibility.

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