April 2011

Transient Recorder Combines Channel Density with High-Precision Measurements

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A new transient recorder system provides up to 64 channels in one system. The TraNET EPC system from Elsys combines a family of high-speed LAN-controlled instruments featuring multiple acquisition modes with a series of robust industrial computers designed for high-precision measurements in industrial environments.

TraNET EPC can be equipped with up to 16 of Elsys’ TPCX PCI-compatible digitizer modules that feature unique measurement precision of typically ±0.03%, sample rates up to 240 MS/s at a vertical resolution of 14 bits (up to 30 MS/s at 16 bits) and acquisition memories up to 128 Mpoints per channel. Available in 8-, 16-, 24-, 32-, 48- and 64-channel versions, the scalable TraNET EPC can be coupled and synchronized for clock and trigger with the unique “Sync-Link Box” for up to 512 parallel channels.

With Elsys’ TransAS 3 software, TraNET EPC becomes a turnkey solution that enables both quick configuration of acquisition channels as well as a post-processing analysis of complex waveforms. In addition, two entirely separate instrument functions can run on a single EPC backplane using TransAS 3.

Elsys’ complete TraNET series of transient recorders features several data acquisition modes. Scope mode, similar to an oscilloscope, enables the quick configuration of the acquisition parameters before working in a different mode or simply the ability to visualize and analyze single-shot events.

The Elsys TPCX data acquisition modules, the heart of every TraNET EPC system, offer many advanced features such as single-ended and differential inputs, large input voltage and offset ranges, advanced trigger capabilities with an external trigger, programmable anti-aliasing filters as well as ICP input for piezo sensors and digital inputs. Pricing starts at $9,500 (8-channel). 

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