May 2011

4U Server for Transportation —Passenger Infotainment

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A new rackmount server is specifically designed to handle passenger infotainment applications used in trains. With long-term availability, the KISS 4U KTC-5520 Transportation application-ready standard platform combines up to two Intel Xeon 5600 series processors with convenient remote management functionality. The KISS 4U KTC-5520 Transportation is also compliant to the following rail standards: EN 50155, EN 50121 and EN 60068.

Passenger infotainment applications such as video on demand (VoD) are enhanced by the high simultaneous data processing capacity of the Transportation server. Fitted with up to eight processor cores and 16 threads, it is able to distribute several hundred HD-quality video streams. A high performance density also makes it suitable for consolidating applications that were previously deployed at separate locations. For example, passenger information, digital signage or Internet-on-train, can now be consolidated in a single server system to save space and costs. 

The Kontron KISS 4U KTC-5520 Transportation also comes with remote-management functionality. An integrated management processor (IMP) supports VGA/2D, BMC and KVM/VM over IP (iKVM) to enable real-time virtualization of the keyboard, monitor and mouse (KVM) plus virtual media from any external PC. With an intelligent platform-management interface (IPMI) over LAN, which complies with IPMI 2.0, the server board also offers an interface independent of operating systems and platforms, which may be used to monitor system temperature, voltage and fan status. And the integrated out-of-band management allows the system administrator access anytime, regardless of whether the system is turned on or not. In addition to which there are three hot-swap chassis fans accessible from the front to simplify system maintenance.

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