May 2011

Compact 60 Watt Convection-Cooled Power Supplies Feature Medical and IT Safety Approvals

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Two new convection-cooled open-frame AC/DC power supplies are each capable of delivering 60W. Offered by Emerson Network Power, the new NPS62-M has a 5 VDC output and can deliver up to 11A, while the NPS65-M has a 24 VDC output and can deliver up to 2.5A. The output voltage of each power supply can be adjusted by plus or minus 20 percent.

Both the NPS62-M and NPS65-M power supplies carry a comprehensive set of worldwide IT equipment (ITE) and non-patient contact and non-patient-critical medical safety approvals. They have a safety ground leakage current not exceeding 275 µA when operating from their maximum input voltage. Both models have a compact 2 x 4 inch (51 x 102 mm) footprint and a height of just 1 inch (26 mm), which makes them ideal for use in light industrial, instrumentation and process systems, as well as in low-power dental and laboratory equipment. An optional enclosure kit (LPX50) is available for maximum protection.

NPS62-M and NPS65-M power supplies have a full load operating temperature range of zero to 50°C, and can be used at up to 80°C with suitable derating. They both provide tight regulation, maintaining the output voltage to within plus or minus 2 percent for all standard line and load conditions, and feature optional remote sense capabilities to compensate for a 0.5V drop in the output cables. The power supplies are comprehensively protected against fault conditions and have a high demonstrated mean time between failures (MTBF) of more than 550,000 hours. 

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