MIPS-Based, FPGA-Optimized Soft Core CPU Supported by VxWorks

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Altera, MIPS Technologies and System Level Solutions (SLS) have introduced a MIPS-based, FPGA-optimized soft processor for use on Altera’s FPGA and ASIC devices. The MP32 processor is a MIPS-compatible application class processor that inherits a large ecosystem of software development tools and operating system support. The MP32 processor is the first FPGA-based soft processor supported by Wind River’s VxWorks RTOS and the MIPS Navigator ICS software development suite. When combined with Altera’s portfolio of embedded intellectual property (IP) cores, FPGA design tools and a comprehensive array of programmable logic devices, the MP32 processor is attractive for the development of flexible, single-chip solutions used in networking, video and digital signal processing applications. 

The MP32 processor is distributed and supported through Altera Embedded Alliance partner SLS. SLS brings an extensive portfolio of IP, systems knowledge and FPGA design experience to deliver fully validated, ready-to-deploy MP32 processor-based solutions. Software developers using the MP32 processor can leverage MIPS’ extensive ecosystem of software development tools and operating systems. The processor is supported by the MIPS Navigator ICS software development suite and System Navigator EJTAG debug probes. For debug and trace, the MP32 processor is supported by TRACE32, a best-in-class debug and off-chip trace probe from Lauterbach.

Developers can now run VxWorks on an FPGA-based soft core processor. VxWorks delivers real-time performance capable of handling the most demanding time constraints. VxWorks enables developers to reuse software assets and utilize the Wind River Workbench software development suite to help accelerate time-to-market with run-time integrated tools for configuring, debugging and profiling software running on the MP32 processor. Wind River provides world-class support and a VxWorks board support package (BSP) for the MP32 processor.

The MP32 processor is designed to be used with Altera’s Qsys system integration tool. System architects can quickly and easily construct complex, flexible and differentiated solutions by assembling the MP32 processor with a broad portfolio of embedded, networking, video and digital signal processing IP from Altera and its global IP partners. 

The MP32 processor is currently available from SLS, who sells and supports the MP32 processor core. The MIPS Navigator ICS software development suite and a VxWorks BSP for the MP32 processor are available from MIPS and Wind River respectively. The MP32 processor is royalty-free and is sold on an unlimited use basis when targeting Altera’s FPGA devices. 

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