Modular Chassis Kit Speeds Slim, Compact Design for Embedded Applications

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A specially designed chassis kit for Em-ITX form factor boards enables the rapid and easy assembly of a wide variety of robust fanless embedded system designs. Measuring 35.2 mm high and 231 mm wide, the AMOS-5001 from Via Technologies is slim enough to fit in most space-constrained environments. Systems built using the AMOS-5001 are also shock resistant and can withstand extreme temperatures. 

The AMOS-5001 chassis kit features a unique modular design comprised of only four mechanical parts, which ensures the easy integration of Via’s EITX-3001 series mainboards. An optional 2.5” HDD storage subsystem chassis is also available. 

The kit makes it easy to assemble robust x86 embedded systems that can withstand a wide temperature range of -20° to 55°C and are capable of sustaining a g-force of up to 50. AMOS-5001 chassis are easy to assemble and maintain, utilizing only four separate mechanical parts to form a slim, robust fanless system.

The AMOS-5001 chassis combines with the unique integrated heatsink design found on Em-ITX boards. The discrete aluminum heatsink has direct contact with the processor and chipset on the reverse side of the board, forming a solid, robust base for chassis assembly. An optional storage compartment can also be added. 

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