System-on-Module Packs Performance into Ultra-Small Form Factor

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A new system-on-module (SoM) is implemented in an ultra-small form factor of only 15 x 27 x 3.8 mm using the Texas Instruments DaVinci DM3730 and Sitara AM3703 processors running at up to 1 MHz. The Torpedo SoM from LogicPD can also enter a suspend state in which it consumes less than 5mW. The DM3730 Torpedo is available in several configurations, including TI’s Sitara AM3703 version of the ARM Cortex-A8 microprocessor. It is also footprint compatible with LogicPD’s existing OMAP35x SoM to extend the roadmaps of existing products.

The Torpedo includes a programmable color LCD controller that supports XGA 1024 x 768 with 24-bit color along with 256 Mbyte of Mobile DDR and 536 of NAND Flash memory. Additional interfaces include a parallel camera interface, audio codec, one USB 2.0 port, serial I/O in the form of UARTs, SPI and I2C. There is also a 40-pin debug connector on the top side, which supports JTAG and ETM. Software support includes a boot loader/monitor and board support packages for Android, Linux and Windows CE. In addition, the Zoom DM3730 Torpedo development kit includes all the needed accessories to begin development.

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