Military Grade SSD Self-Destructs with the Push of a Button

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A new series of rugged Military-grade storage devices is engineered to withstand the severe conditions encountered in the line of duty while delivering comprehensive data protection. The new MIL-SPEC S5 Series SSD from Emphase is an SLC flash device available in a 2.5” footprint and SATA (3 Gbit/s) bus interface. The MIL-SPEC S5 SSD has one clear objective: secure data. This level of reliability hinges on endurance as well as overall performance. This vault-like device can process data with read speeds up to 170 Mbyte/s and write speeds up to 90 Mbyte/s and it is designed to meet the environmental requirements of MIL-STD-810F.

The Emphase MIL-SPEC S5 SSD is loaded with options for handling data in breach of security scenarios including data write-protection, secure and quick erasure, and data destruction. With these defense-grade triggers, data can be eliminated in less than two seconds through an ATA command or with the push of a button. Should the drive lose power during a protect, erase, or destroy command, the device will resume the command as soon as power is restored.

The MIL-SPEC S5 SSD is currently available in 16 Gbyte to 128 Gbyte capacities, and with 256 Gbyte and 512 Gbyte models in development, is ready for long-term exposure to extreme levels of humidity, wide temperature ranges, intense shock and vibration, and high altitude. All devices are available with conformal coating, tightly managed BOM and a 5-year warranty. Emphase is a GSA Schedule 70 Contract Holder and all products are available for acquisition under General Purpose Commercial Information Technology Equipment, Software and Services – SIN 132-8.

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