Forced Air Conduction-Cooled Development Chassis for 3U OpenVPX Modules

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A new 12-slot 3U OpenVPX forced air conduction-cooled chassis targets the development of military embedded systems. The RME9CC Chassis from Curtiss-Wright Controls is the newest member of Electronic Systems’ Hybricon family of advanced military COTS electronic packaging solutions. This rackmount-style chassis provides cooling for up to 75W per slot. It’s designed for 3U 1” pitch payload cards and rear transition modules and supports 3U OpenVPX backplanes with high-speed switch fabric support for up to 6.25 Gbaud.  

This extreme cooling VITA 65 OpenVPX development chassis is designed for 75W per slot high-performance conduction-cooled 3U OpenVPX cards. The RME9CC measures 18.96” (Rack Flanges) wide, 15.69” (9U) high and 19.53” deep. The card cage is constructed of conduction-cooled extruded and machined aluminum. 2600W power supply configurations are available for OpenVPX 12V-centric and 5V-centric module sets,

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