Compact Flash Card Features Lock Switch For Write Protection

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To assist users in protecting data in such storage devices, Apacer Technology offers a fifth-generation industrial compact flash (CF) card featuring a write-protection design for data storage safety. The lock switch on the bottom side of the memory card prevents data from being tampered with. By simply locking the lock switch on the bottom side of the card, the industrial CF card can be set to be read only, thus preventing any attempt to write. This way, the data not only can stay safe by avoiding accidental deletion, but also can prevent tampering of confidential information that may result in data leakage. These advantages make the card suitable for embedded devices in such fields as medical, military, gaming and automotive applications. 

The industrial CF5 card is compliant with the CFA 4.1 specifications. It uses the standard 50-pin connector and SLC chip featuring industry-level stability for the card. It also boasts resistance to extended temperatures (-40° to 85°C), and is available in capacities from 128 Mbyte to 16 Gbyte. The data transfer mode is up to PIO-6, Multi-Word DMA-4 and Ultra DMA-5, with the sequential read/write speed reaching as fast as 40/30 Mbyte/s. This CFC5 memory card also supports 24-bit ECC function, wear-leveling function and Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART). 

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