ARM-Based Single Board Computer in Standard and Custom Versions

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A high-performance, low-power single board computer is available with a wide range of peripherals such as GPS, GPRS, networking, camera, audio, USB, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a powerful graphics capability. The RE2 from Blue Chip Technology targets, among others, use in telematic systems, access control and public media systems.

The RE2 uses the ARM Cortex A8 and a Texas C64x DSP, enabling it to handle high-quality graphics such as moving media or 3D, while also managing complex tasks and a broad range of peripherals. The RE2 is currently available with support for Embedded Windows and Linux, with support for other operating systems available on request. The board is also available in an “extended temperature” version, making it suitable for rugged industrial and scientific applications.

Although the RE2 is available off-the-shelf in its standard form, Blue Chip also offers a customization service, enabling it to provide hardware specific to the needs of its customers. Blue Chip Technology also offers extensive software support and a complete product manufacturing and testing service. 

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