6U PXI Switch Matrices Target High-Density Needs

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Two new high-density 6U PXI matrices provide the highest density single slot solutions available in the 6U PXI format. The 45-541 and 45-542 matrices from Pickering Interfaces are suitable for those users who have selected the increased board area that 6U offers over 3U PXI, when compared to their previous generation VXI/VME modular platforms. Providing a solution based on the faster operating speed of reed relays and of the higher capacity EMRs gives users a choice of pin compatible switching solutions.

The 45-541 is a reed relay matrix occupying one slot of a 6U PXI chassis, which provides a 132x8 matrix that supports 0.5A switching and up to 10W hot switch capacity. User connections are provided through easy to use 50 way D Type connectors. The module includes BIRST (Built-In-Relay-Self-Test) capability that allows functional checks on all the reed relays to be conducted without the use of supporting test equipment.

The 45-542 is an electro-mechanical relay (EMR)-based matrix occupying just one slot of a 6U PXI chassis supporting a 132x8 matrix with 1A, 60W switching capacity. It is user pin compatible with the 45-541.

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