Mini Datalogger Stores One Billion Measurements

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A miniature datalogger now boasts capability for storing over one billion readings from a number of parameters simultaneously with 12-bit resolution. The MSR145 mini datalogger from Saelig, previously limited to only two million measurements, is now available with a slot for a removable microSD card (≥ 4 Gbyte). This increases the storage of the logger to 1 billion measurements. The MSR145’s SD card can be easily changed during on-going experiments, representing a significant benefit when undertaking extremely long-term measurements. This allows users to evaluate the saved data at any time, whenever it may be necessary.

Whether for monitoring the transportation of sensitive goods, climate monitoring in building services engineering, taking vibration and temperature measurements, or for documenting process workflows in industrial applications—the range of possible applications for which battery-powered MSR145 dataloggers can be used is virtually unlimited. MSR loggers are available with up to five different sensors—temperature, humidity, pressure, light, 3-axis acceleration, and can be expanded significantly with additional analog inputs. Featuring selectable 12-bit input configurations, this allows users to connect individual external sensors for a diverse range of measurement applications. Pricing starts at $500.

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