CompactPCI Serial Board Provides Flexible Configuration

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A universal CompactPCI Serial peripheral board provides flexible serial communication via an individual mix of UART and fieldbus interfaces and is targeted at mission-critical industrial, mobile and harsh environment applications. Although equipped with five standard interfaces, the G215 from Men Micro features a configurable FPGA IP core that offers nearly unlimited interface options that enable several functionalities. This provides a cost-effective means of implementing a variety of I/O including dedicated serial I/O, intelligent I/O or a combination of customized I/O to meet user requirements. Developed for use in harsh embedded environments, the G215 has an operating temperature range of -40° to +85°C, with all components soldered to withstand shock and vibration.

 As standard, the board’s front panel includes two UARTs, two CAN interfaces and an 8-channel binary I/O interface. Each channel on the G215 can be implemented individually on the physical layer via SA-Adapters. For example, up to eight SA-Adapters can be mechanically mounted on a three-slot front panel to implement a CAN card with eight ports. Optionally, two of the SA-Adapters can be directly installed on the G215, connected using a 9-pin D-Sub connector. The use of different SA-Adapters enables additional connections to the G215, increasing the combinations of various interfaces and isolation requirements.

 The use of Altera’s new Cyclone 4 high-performance FPGA enables users to develop intelligent applications, as found when using programmable processors, such as a Nios softcore. Connected directly to the backplane, the Cyclone 4 leads customer-specific FPGA functions to the rear I/O, while providing fast communication to the host CPU from the FPGA via PCI Express at the backplane. All I/O functions are implemented inside the FPGA, which supports RS-232, RS-422 and RS-485 UARTs in full duplex, half duplex or HDLC mode that can be electrically isolated as needed. The FPGA also handles field buses such as CAN, InterBus-S or the vehicle bus IBIS. Pricing for the G215 is $490. 

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