ATCA Shelf Management Solution Lowers Size and Cost

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A fourth generation of Pigeon Point Systems’ Shelf Management Mezzanine (ShMM) products  are already installed in tens of thousands of ATCA shelves worldwide. The ShMM-700R will be priced about 30% below the predecessor ShMM-500R. Shelf management represents one of the top five expense items in a typical ATCA shelf, so the ShMM-700R will allow Pigeon Point customers to deliver shelves at significantly reduced costs. Based on the 204-pin DDR3 SODIMM form factor, the ShMM-700R is also about 30% smaller than the ShMM-500R, for even more packaging flexibility.

To ensure continuation of quality and stability that the ShMM-500R has earned in demanding telecom applications of ATCA, the ShMM-700R will be based on the same mature Pigeon Point Shelf Manager application code base and will deliver an equivalent user experience. That includes the optional addition of IntegralHPI, Pigeon Point’s high-performance implementation of the SA Forum’s Hardware Platform Interface (HPI), facilitating widely used upper layer management frameworks based on HPI.

Furthermore, the ShMM-700R-based Shelf Manager implements Pigeon Point’s Hardware Platform Description Language (HPDL), enabling straightforward adaptations by Pigeon Point’s customers to a wide range of customer- or application-optimized ATCA shelf architectures, further facilitating broad ATCA adoption.

The ShMM-700R incorporates a Freescale i.MX287 ARM9-based main processor executing the Linux-based Shelf Manager application and a Microsemi SmartFusion A2F060 mixed signal FPGA for critical supplementary functions. The new module is undergoing internal and external interoperability and functional testing, and will be delivered to shelf developers in January 2012.

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