Non-Volatile Storage-Class Memory for Demanding Applications

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This new non-volatile storage device is packaged as a DDR3 non-volatile DIMM that provides a battery-free, storage-class memory (SCM) solution to a host of enterprise applications. The ArxCis-NV from Viking Technology is a high-availability solution, engineered for disaster recovery by protecting data in memory from power failure. ArxCis-NV’s high-speed non-volatile memory was developed through extensive experience in both DRAM and SSD technology to create a hybrid solution that leverages the speed and endurance of DDR3 memory, seamlessly integrated with the non-volatile storage retention of flash memory.

ArxCis-NV provides protection for enterprise RAID applications and main memory persistence for a host of virtualized applications that require data security in the event of power failure. These new modules eliminate the need for battery backup units (BBU), delivering a more stable, maintenance-free and cost-effective solution.

Batteries that have not been maintained correctly are at risk of not being able to secure the data during a power outage. The ArxCis-NV uses a small capacitor pack that stores enough energy to be able to write from the DRAM to the SLC-Flash in the event of a power failure. Upon power being restored, the data is written back to the DRAM ready for the system to access immediately following boot-up.

An additional advantage is that the daily routine reads and writes are made to the DRAM rather than to flash memory, which quite bluntly, eventually wears out. And in applications that need to work 24/7 and require very high I/O rates, flash can become unreliable relatively soon. While SSDs running in the range of 300-400 Mbyte/s may be acceptable for many situations, constant uptime and an I/O rate in the range of 12 Gbyte/s will reach the limits of flash requiring frequent replacement to avoid catastrophic data loss. The ArxCis-NV easily integrates into industry standard x86 motherboards. It can function in the host environment as a JEDEC standard DDR3 Registered DIMM.

The ArxCis-NV is currently available in 2 Gbyte, 4 Gbyte and 8 Gbyte capacities. Other options include a variety of super-capacitor pack energy capacity, depending upon application demands.

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