USB Data Acquisition: Up to 2M Samples per Second per Channel

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A data acquisition system incorporates a high-speed sampling mode of up to 2M samples per second for each channel and is CE compliant, making it suitable for applications in the European Union and worldwide. The xDAP 7420 Data Acquisition System from Microstar Laboratories is also compatible with both North American and European power standards, requiring no switching or reconfiguration. 

Each xDAP 7420 provides eight parallel 16-bit analog-to-digital converter channels and can support the eight million samples per second sustained transfers to an application on a PC-workstation or laptop host. These are clocked simultaneously and run at configurable rates of up to two million samples per second. The aggregate sample transfer rate limit is eight million samples per second, with transfers to the host continuously sustainable across the USB interface at this rate. For host applications that cannot sustain this pace, there is enough local buffer memory to record a full minute of activity without any concurrent transfers.

xDAP 7420 features an embedded 2.0 GHz Celeron processor that manages all of the real-time aspects of acquisition hardware management and data buffering. On the host side, xDAP 7420 application software uses the same “channel architecture” driver and server software, provided at no extra cost—it is the same interface software that all of the other DAP products use as well. The xDAP 7420 is priced at$6995.  

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