KVM Extenders to Support New Linux Distributions for Multi-Display

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A new generation of kernel-based virtual machine (KVM) extenders now supports a broader range of Linux operating systems, and showcases a new degree of remote multi-display flexibility using a minimum of fiber-optic cabling. The Extio product line from Matrox Graphics extends keyboard, mouse, USB, audio and multi-monitor functionality from the host computer by up to one kilometer (3280 feet), and enables new capabilities including cloning, stretched desktops, multi-GPU and multi-unit support.

Users can now install two Matrox interface cards, two Extio KVM extenders, Extio F2208 and Extio F2408, and Extio F2408E Expander units to remotely drive any combination of 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 displays in such mission-critical environments as process control, operations control centers, emergency dispatch and transportation management deploying a variety of desktop configurations with minimal cabling.

This enables the ability to combine two PCIe interface cards with two Extio F2208 or F2408 KVM extenders or one of each, and the ability to upgrade one or two Extio F2408s with Extio F2408E Expander units. In the latter configuration, Extio is capable of driving up to 16 DisplayPort and/or DVI displays, a USB keyboard, USB mouse, audio, plus eight additional USB 2.0 ports by up to one kilometer from the PC.

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