Software Systems Collaborate on Security and Resilience for Cloud Deployments

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LynuxWorks and TransLattice have announced that they have ported the TransLattice Application Platform 2.0 onto the latest version of the LynxSecure separation kernel and hypervisor. This combination of the LynuxWorks highly secure virtualization solution and the TransLattice distributed computing platform, offers new levels of security, availability, scalability and resilience for migration of data and applications to the cloud. 

LynxSecure makes it possible to securely run multiple guest operating systems and their applications on a single platform. It does this by isolating applications into separate partitions to prevent unintended or dangerous software interactions. Any communication between the secure partitions is controlled by security policies defined by the system administrator and enforced by LynxSecure. 

The TransLattice Application Platform provides exceptional system resilience and data control, while significantly reducing costs and deployment complexity. Underlying the platform is a geographically distributed relational database. The platform aggregates physical appliances and cloud instances into a network of distributed computing resources that cohesively run enterprise applications. There are two types of policy rules that dictate how and where data can be stored. Redundancy rules define how many copies to store of a specific set of data. Location rules define where a specific set of data can or cannot be stored.

By having separate instantiations of the TransLattice Application Platform residing in separate LynxSecure partitions on a single hardware platform, a new level of secure multi-tenancy and server utilization is realized. This multi-tenancy could be for different classification levels for applications and data, or even for multiple departments or entities sharing a single cloud infrastructure. This secure multi-tenancy could be applied to all the distributed nodes of a TransLattice system. 

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