Compact Fuel Gauge Increases Li+ Battery Runtime

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A fuel gauge for single-cell Li+ battery packs features a new proprietary ModelGauge m3 algorithm. The MAX17047 from Maxim Integrated Products is a coulomb-counting fuel gauge that does not suffer from the abrupt corrections that occur with traditional coulomb counter algorithms. Compared to other coulomb counters, this ModelGauge m3 IC uses a smaller current-sense resistor and fewer external components. This saves both space and cost. 

ModelGauge m3 technology overcomes the limitations of the currently available fuel-gauging techniques. It combines the short-term accuracy and linearity of a coulomb counter with the long-term stability of a voltage-based fuel gauge. ModelGauge m3 cancels offset accumulation error in the coulomb counter, while providing better short-term accuracy than any only-voltage-based fuel gauge. This algorithm makes tiny corrections continually over time, so it does not suffer from the abrupt corrections that normally occur in coulomb-counter algorithms. 

The MAX17047 also automatically compensates for aging, temperature and discharge rate. It provides accurate remaining capacity in mAh or SOC % and time-to-empty over a wide range of operating conditions. It uses 75% less power than the competition, even adapts to changes in the battery over use and time, and warns of abnormal battery conditions. The device provides two methods for reporting the age/health of the battery: reduction in capacity and cycle odometer.

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