Tiny ARM-Based Module Targets Intelligent Devices

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An extremely compact (50 mm x 50 mm) ARM Cortex A8-based, small-footprint computer module is targeted for powering small and portable intelligent devices. The RM2 from Blue Chip Technology is the latest addition to the company’s Computer On Module line. It is based on the latest ARM Cortex A8 processor together with integrated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and 2D/3D Graphics Engine. The RM2 is available with a choice of processor speeds—800 Mhz or 1 GHz—and DSP speeds of 660 MHz and 800 MHz. The RM2 offers engineers exceptional performance with very low power consumption and a tiny footprint of only 50 mm by 50 mm.

The device is designed as a “Computer on Module”—a “compact core module” containing all the components needed for a bootable host computer—processor, North bridge, South bridge, memory and flash but without the standard connectors for any input/output peripherals. This COM is sold as an off-the-shelf entity and will have a standardized footprint and set of connectors that mate to an application-specific carrier board with the system I/O and peripherals. The carrier board is capable of accepting any COM in that specific Computer On Module family of boards. Together, the COM and carrier board deliver the functionality of a single-board computer.

The RM2 supports 256 Mbytes or 512 Mbytes mobile LPDDR memory, 400 MT/s and has on board 256 Mbytes to 1 Gbytes NAND Flash memory for code storage. Storage such as SD is located on the carrier board. RM2 peripheral support includes Ethernet, Audio, USB, Graphics, GP Expansion Bus, I/O and camera. The RM COM specification allows for two separate video displays, twin cameras and SATA. Furthermore, the carrier board can include whatever peripherals are required.

The RM2 board also comes in an extended temperature range for demanding industrial and automotive applications. Software support is also available on request with options for Embedded Windows, Linux or RTOS support as required.

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