Series of Configurable Power Supplies up to 2500 Watts

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Two series of multiple output configurable AC-DC power supplies suit high power medical and IT/industrial applications. The X15 series from XP Power complies with the international EN/UL 60950 safety specification for IT and industrial applications. For the demanding requirements of the latest 3rd edition medical safety standards, and having low leakage, the XM15 series suit applications in medical diagnostic appliances, CAT scan and MRI equipment.

Capable of delivering 1500W output at low line input, and 2500W output at high line (> 180 VAC input), these compact fan-cooled units measuring 11 x 5 x 5 inches (279.4 x 127 x 127 mm) have a power density of up to 9.09 watt per cubic inch. The mechanical chassis approach of the fleXPower X15 and XM15 series provides 20 slots for arranging 2- or 3-slot output modules. The modules, available with single or dual outputs, cover all the popular nominal output voltages from + 3.3 to + 60 VDC in a variety of output current ratings. The ability to parallel up outputs for more power, or use modules in series for non-standard output voltages, offers design engineers thousands of different output combinations.

An auxiliary 5V / 1A always-on output is available to power logic or control circuits in the end system without the need for any additional voltage source or step down converters. Monitor and control signals include AC OK, Power Fail, DC OK, Global Inhibit, Fan Fail and Module OK / Inhibit. An optional fan speed control is available. The fleXPower series is available in six power levels from 400W to 2500W. Pricing is from $1,158 for a fully loaded chassis in 100 unit quantities.

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