Extremely Low-Energy Nonvolatile F-RAM Memory

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A very low-energy nonvolatile memory product, the FM25P16 from Ramtron, is a 16 Kbit serial nonvolatile memory that opens up new possibilities in power-sensitive system design with the industry’s lowest energy consumption of typically 3 microamps of active current. The FM25P16 uses 1/1,000th the energy of Electrically Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory (EEPROM) devices, while delivering fast read/write performance and virtually unlimited endurance. The benefit of such low-energy memory increases significantly as the system writes data more frequently. Unlike serial EEPROMs, FM25P16 can perform fast and power-efficient write operations at bus speed with no write delays. These capabilities make FM25P16 attractive for nonvolatile memory applications requiring both very low power and frequent or rapid writes.

The FM25P16 employs an advanced ferroelectric process that yields virtually unlimited endurance of 100-trillion (1014) read/write cycles and reliable data retention for 10 years. The FM25P16 uses a fast serial peripheral interface (SPI), operating up to full bus speed of 1 MHz frequency. For more information about the system advantages of F-RAM Low Energy Memory, download a white paper by visiting

The 16 Kbit ferroelectric nonvolatile RAM is organized as 2,044 x 8 bits, with an operating voltage of 1.8 - 3.6V, active current of typically  3.2 μA @ 100 kHz and a standby current of only 1.2 μA. The serial peripheral interface frequency is up to 1 MHz (mode 0 & 3) and the temperature range is -40° to +85°C. The device comes in a “Green”/RoHS 8-pin SOIC package and 10K unit pricing is $0.99.

Ramtron International, Colorado Springs, CO. (719) 481-7182. [].