Video Wall Controller System Supports up to Seven Boards across 28 HD Inputs and Outputs

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A new industrial PC will support up to seven Mura boards from Matrox Graphics, which are designed to be combined in a single system as building blocks of increasingly large-scale setups. Mura’s design comprises a video wall in a card and features up to four inputs and outputs on each board. The resulting Ultima Mura video wall controller built by Blue Chip Technology supports up to 28 high-definition inputs and outputs for added audiovisual flexibility and versatility.

The Ultima is the top-of-the-line industrial PC from Blue Chip, featuring an ASUS motherboard and an Intel i7 Quad Core CPU. Its rack-mount, stainless steel chassis and memory up to 24 Gbyte DDR are further evidence of Blue Chip’s reputation for outstanding design and quality.

Mura leverages 64 Gbit/s duplex data transfer for exceptional performance and image quality without any compromises to resolution or frame rate. Multi-functional in nature, Mura facilitates video switching, signal conversion, scaling and de-interlacing all from a single board, thereby eliminating the need for separate solutions. Mura boards are also designed to be used anywhere from within corporate board rooms and classrooms to mission-critical environments that require higher-density, scalable video walls.

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Matrox Graphics, Montreal, Canada. (514) 822-6366. [].