3U OpenVPX SBC Runs Gen2 Core i7 with EFI BIOS Replacement

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A new 3U OpenVPX Single Board Computer is based on the Intel second-generation Core i7 processor (Sandy Bridge) and is coupled with the Intel QM67 chipset and up to 8 Gbytes DDR3-1333 with ECC. The IC-INT-VPX3a from Interface Concept uses this fully integrated Dual Core processor operating at 2.2 GHz, to offer greater performance than its predecessors in the same envelope together with an unmatched level of I/O bandwidth like PCI Express, GigaEthernet, serial UARTs, GPIOs...for both onboard and off-board functions.

In addition, the onboard Spartan-6 Open FPGA is dedicated to customer-specific functionalities, to make the IC-INT-VPX3a a suitable response for demanding applications such as radar processing, requiring performance, flexibility and reliability. The IC-INT-VPX3a uses the new UEFI 2.1 firmware interface. EFI is intended as a significantly improved replacement of the old legacy BIOS firmware interface historically used by all PC. The EFI specification was originally developed by Intel and is now managed by the Unified EFI Forum, officially known as Unified EFI (UEFI). This board, OpenVPX compliant, is available in standard, rugged and conduction-cooled grades, and operating systems supported include Windows, Linux, and VxWorks.

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