Embedded Real-time Monitoring and Control Platform Based on NI LabVIEW

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A new monitoring and control platform for embedded applications is distinguished by the fact that it is a third-party product designed to be programmable with the LabView system design software from National Instruments. The BMX platform S.E.S. has been designed to meet the needs of various industries for a cost-effective, compact and powerful solution to master local control, measurement and condition monitoring functions on a real-time basis. The BMX platform is based on the National’s Single-Board RIO technology. Programming of the built-in real-time processor and FPGA, as well as programming of the complete application is easy and fast thanks to LabView. S.E.A. also makes high-level LabView API and driver functions available to access the module’s hardware and I/O capabilities.

The unit comes with a basic software framework to acquire, process and store measurement and control data. A core PowerPC CPU running on a real-time operating system and the embedded FPGA for fast, deterministic control and monitoring are the key functional elements performing these tasks. The module is equipped with a separate communication controller and a GSM/3G modem or WLAN/WiFi module. At the same time embedded VPN functions ensure secure access for authorized personnel. As a result, not only can stored data or new control parameters be remotely and securely transferred, but the operator is even able to comfortably upload data and exchange the complete LabView application. A high-performance GPS receiver is available to provide precise geo-position information as well as time stamp data accurate to microseconds.

The new BMX platform has been designed as an embedded or stand-alone control unit for OEM applications, but accessories such as enclosures (IP65 and IP67 compliant) as well as antennas and cabling can be provided as needed. Another auxiliary tool offered by S.E.A. is the RDX Remote Data Exchange Software, which allows automation of the data exchange between the BMX units and central control center without having to program special transfer functions.

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