Cloud Operating System Supplements Supplied Embedded OS

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The practice of supplying complex embedded systems (COMs = Computer-on-Modules, SOMs = System-on-Modules) together with a specific operating system is the norm for nearly all manufacturers today. SSV Software Systems is now going one step further. In addition to the embedded operating system, a cloud operating system will be offered as an option for selected modules. This operating system is used on a root server on the Internet. Both ope¬rating systems are interconnected to form a distributed system.

The embedded operating system is a Linux system whose kernel has been optimized for mi-nimum resource use. In other words, the kernel contains only the drivers and functions nee¬ded for a particular hardware module. This results in very low memory requirements and very fast boot-up. In addition to the kernel with a TCP/IP stack for IPv4 and IPv6, the scope of de¬livery includes a file system developed for use in flash memory modules and an SSV/ECC driver for cloud communication.

The cloud operating system is based on a Debian Linux server system for x86 platforms that has been expanded to include a special (cloud) service framework. Different scalable servi¬ces run within this framework, some of which communicate directly with the embedded ope¬rating system. Other services offer, for example, Web-based user interfaces (SSV/WebUI) for monitoring the current operating status of an embedded system over the Internet or a da¬ta logger for long-term data recording with E-mail alerts. Also available is a special VPN ren-dezvous service that enables an SSL/TLS-based VPN to be established between embedded systems and remote maintenance PCs of external support personnel.

Typical applications for these interconnected systems include web pages whose purpose is to allow status monitoring via a smartphone or PC browser, automatic remote monitoring of important system functions with e-mail notification, central configuration and software mana-gement, and VPN-secured remote access at the system level.

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