HD Video Switching, Recording and Network Distribution System

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A new approach for deployed platform video management integrates switching, recording and network distribution of high definition (HD) video for aerospace and defense platforms in a single compact rugged unit. The VRD1-CC from Curtiss Wright Controls is a video management system (VMS) that delivers comprehensive functionality in a single unit optimized for SWaP-C-constrained platforms. The VRD1-CC speeds and simplifies the integration of HD VMS for applications deployed in harsh environments, such as vetronics and avionics.

The conduction-cooled VRD1-CC (an air-cooled variant is also planned) is a lightweight, compact subsystem. A single VRD1-CC unit combines six channels of full resolution HD 30fps MPEG4 H.264 compression, video and audio recording with metadata/event markers, and Ethernet video distribution or storage to disk. A simple, intuitive man-machine interface provides an onboard or remote operator with complete access to the VRD1-CC’s wide range of VMS options and functionality. This powerful VMS supports up to 18 video inputs in a mix of different standards, including HD-SDI, RGB and DVI. These video inputs can then be easily routed to any of the VRD1-CC’s 12 video outputs for real-time viewing or routed to the system’s real-time HD video compression subsystem for recording or distribution over a standard Ethernet network.

For applications that require multiple video streams to be viewed simultaneously, the VRD1-CC has a real-time scaling engine that scales and positions any four inputs into a single video stream for viewing, recording or distribution.

Key features include eighteen video inputs with switching, scaling and windowing, twelve video outputs and four audio inputs and outputs in addition to 3G-SDI embedded audio. MPEG4 H.264 video compression and decompression is supported for up to six HD channels in real time as is network video distribution of raw and compressed video. There is also solid state storage support for up to two removable solid-state drives.

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