Services Streamline FAA/EASA Certification at a Fixed Price

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A comprehensive and fully compliant FAA/EASA certification solution brings together a team of certification industry experts who are fully accredited across all aviation disciplines along with certification-readiness tools tailored for the needs of the avionics industry. LDRA Certification Services (LCS), a division of LDRA, provides comprehensive support to oversee and guide certification applicants through a wide range of aviation standards including:

• Aircraft & Systems Development (ARP-4754A)

• Safety Assessment (ARP-4761)

• Integrated Modular Avionics (DO-297)

• Flight Electronic Hardware (DO-254)

• Flight Software (DO-178B/C)

• Ground Systems (DO-278/A)

LCS addresses critical project requirements that relate to certification, including the management, planning, staff training, development, verification and production. While analyzing certification and safety needs from a total aircraft system perspective, LCS ensures that the individual and exacting aviation standards can be met at a fixed price. LCS provides comprehensive support to avionics companies across the entire development and production lifecycle.

With development and verification tools qualified for avionics standard objectives, the LCS team successfully applies these tools across the product lifecycle. To address the new initiatives for model-based development, LDRA offers out-of-the-box integration of the LDRA tool suite and industry-leading modeling tool MathWork’s Simulink. Using this integration, avionics applicants gain model and target-execution coverage. The assured consistency of the same tool performing code coverage on the host and target systems reduces the costs and risks associated with the avionics industry’s best practice of back-to-back testing.

From requirements definition and traceability to MC/DC code coverage analysis, unit testing and validation, the LDRA tool suite delivers a broad range of qualifiable verification capabilities that support FAA/ESEA certification objectives at all levels. The LDRA tool suite manages and tracks all artifacts to achieve complete bidirectional traceability through all aspects of development, down to object code and on-target testing. A DO-178-specific template streamlines avionics regulatory processes, outlining necessary certification methodology and requirements. Modules within the LDRA tool suite manage and graphically depict the complex relationships between objectives, requirements, code and tests, automatically documenting all aspects of analysis, code correction and validation.

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