DIN Rail Programmable Automation Controller Based on ARM9

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A Linux-ready ARM9 industrial PC is housed in a robust metal casing with a DIN-Rail mounting attached to its back side. The PAC-4070 from Artila is an ARM9 Linux-based programmable automation controller. The PAC-4070 is powered by 400 MHz AT91SAM9G20 ARM9 Processor with memory management unit, and equipped with 64 Mbyte SDRAM, 128 Mbyte NAND Flash and 2 Mbyte DATAFlash. It is also equipped with 4 x 16-bit isolated A/D channels, 4 x 2500Vrms opto-isolated digital inputs and 4 x high-drive isolated digital outputs. In addition, the PAC-4070 integrates two 10/100Mbit/s Ethernet, two RS-232 serial ports, two RS-232 or isolated RS-485 ports, two USB hosts and one MicroSD socket into a compact metal box. The DIN-Rail also makes its on-site installation flexible.

The unit comes with Linux 2.6.29 OS and busybox utility collection pre-installed. The UBI file system is employed to provide improved performance and longer lifetime for NAND Flash compared to JFFS2. Moreover, the DataFlash includes a backup Linux file system that will automatically boot up PAC-4070 in case the primary NAND Flash fails. The failure-proof and redundant booting design makes PAC-4070 an ideal platform for many mission-critical applications.

In terms of package management system, PAC-4070 uses ipkg, a lightweight system that  resembles Debian’s dpkg. This allows users to easily install, upgrade and remove the software package. Artila continuously increases and updates the software package to its ftp site for the users to download for free to install the software package they need from the Internet. Useful software utilities are also provided for easy management and development of PAC-4070, including webmin, and the GNU tool chain, which includes a C/C++ cross compiler and Glibc.

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