Industrial-Grade 16 Gbyte MicroSDHC Memory Card for Extreme Environments

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An industrial-grade MicroSDHC memory card targets high reliability and longevity even in extreme environments for mission-critical applications. The shock-resistant industrial-grade MicroSDHC memory card from Apacer comes in capacities of 4 Gbyte, 8 Gbyte and 16 Gbyte. One of the highlights is its firmware and major components that can be fixed right after customer’s recognition and validation. This reduces the risk of out-of-stock and compatibility issues by providing customers stable supply and high reliability.

The industrial-grade MicroSDHC memory card is compliant with the SD 3.0 Specification and supports Class 10 high-speed transmissions with sequential read/write speeds reaching up to 20 and 14 Mbyte/s respectively while fulfilling the requirements for high-capacity and high-speed data storage. Since Apacer particularly stresses “stability” as the primary concern for industrial devices, the greatest difference with consumer memory cards lies in the firmware version and major components that can be fixed. Furthermore, clients can benefit from the stable, long-term supply commitment to warrant for a stable supply chain and prevent out-of-stock risks. This in turn significantly reduces compatibility issues caused by frequent product component changes. Time and money spent on product verification can also be saved. To ensure that data stays correct in the transmission, the card supports ECC functionality. The Global Wear leveling also helps deliver a phenomenally prolonged lifespan, as well as safer data storage.

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