Noise Reduction Leads to Quiet Industrial Computers

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A Quiet Industrial Computer line from Advantech features a full range of selections with acoustic and thermal optimization. The smart fan, for example, adjusts rotation speed while addressing both cooling and noise issues. Complying with the ISO 7779 standard, noise level is controlled down to as low as 35 dBA. Advantech Quiet Industrial Computers support the Intel 2nd generation Core i7 processors and DDR3 memory modules. They also feature two form factors—a 4U rackmount enclosure and a compact size wallmount enclosure. Both form factors support Advantech industrial-grade ATX and MicroATX motherboards, the AIMB-781, AIMB-767 and AIMB-581 series.

In the past, industrial computers were placed in manufacturing sites or in outdoor environments fairly tolerant of noise. However, as industrial computer applications have become more and more diverse, these computers are also being used in indoor placements, in environments more sensitive to noise, such as in network communications, POS, medical systems, or systems that are placed in offices, including measuring instruments, flight safety consoles, etc. Accordingly, Advantech is introducing its Intelligent IPCs, Quiet Industrial Computers. ISO 7779 is the test specification Advantech is currently using, and the system idle noise level is controlled down to as low as 35 dBA.

For the noise reduction design, a team of fully engaged field professionals integrated Advantech technology such as stability and flexible customization, and created a quiet, stable, high-performance system. Starting in 2012, Advantech plans to gradually incorporate noise reduction into all its industrial systems, and provide clients with a full range of Quiet Industrial Computers.

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