Dual LED Backlit Multi-Function Display for Night Vision Goggle Applications

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A new advanced performance option enhances demanding night flying and daylight display readability on a member of the Skyquest family of rugged displays from Curtiss-Wright Controls Defense Solutions. CWCDS now offers a new dual backlight variant of its rugged Skyquest AVDU2655 10.4” LED display. The new dual backlight option provides a very high brightness, a full color image readable in direct sunlight during daytime operations, and at the flick of a switch, a fully filtered display for NVG operations. This performance enhancement makes the AVDU2655 display ideal for use in demanding defense, aerospace and law enforcement night flying applications where Night Vision Goggles (NVG) are required.

Traditional NVG filtering is achieved by fitting a filter to the full display area. This “bolt-on” filter approach dims the image and adds an undesirable green tint that is visible in both daytime and nighttime operations. CWCDS’s Dual LED Backlit Skyquest displays eliminate the filter from the front of the screen. Instead, the filtering occurs in the backlight located behind the LCD. A simple toggle switch enables the selection of either white daylight LEDs or green NVG-filtered LEDs, which are integrated in the backlight within the display. This approach provides the user with complete control over the type of light emitted from the screen. The result is a very high brightness, full color image readable in direct sunlight during daytime operations and a fully filtered display ideal for NVG operations.

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