Demand-Response Monitoring Unit to Manage Electrical Loads on Demand

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A compact unit for monitoring energy usage at commercial and industrial facilities such as factories, warehouses, retail stores and office buildings can be connected to utility meters, plant equipment and facility systems. The OptoEMU Sensor DR from Opto 22 gathers real-time energy consumption and demand data. It then delivers that data to enterprise business and control systems and web-based applications for monitoring and analysis. In addition, the OptoEMU Sensor DR helps businesses take advantage of lucrative demand-response (DR) programs from their local utilities. In response to a request from the utility to reduce power use, the Sensor DR can signal electrical equipment to shed load. DR programs can provide revenue to businesses in three ways: first, from discounts for simply agreeing to shed load; second, from actual reductions in use; and third, from selling electricity back to the utility or energy provider.

The OptoEMU Sensor DR first gathers energy data from up to two utility meters or submeters that emit a standard pulsing signal. Each pulse emitted corresponds to an amount of energy used, and by counting pulses the OptoEMU Sensor DR can track the total amount of energy used as well as demand. The OptoEMU Sensor DR can also receive power usage and other data from a variety of devices using the widely adopted Modbus communication protocol. Using Modbus over an Ethernet or serial network, the sensor can communicate with devices such as temperature sensors and flow meters, Modbus-enabled current transformers (CTs) and power analyzers, as well as larger facility systems such as plant equipment, building management systems and HVAC systems.

Once gathered by the OptoEMU Sensor DR, real-time energy data is sent to web-based “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) energy management applications and enterprise business systems, where it can be viewed and analyzed to develop effective energy management strategies that reduce costs. The OptoEMU DR is available in two models, one for use on both wireless and wired Ethernet networks, and one for use on wired Ethernet networks only. Pricing is $1,095 for the OPTOEMU-SNR-DR1, and $895 for the OPTOEMU-SNR-DR2.

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