Two Controller Kits Tap into High-Speed PCI Express Bus

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Two new controller kits for the ScanWorks platform for embedded instruments from Asset InterTech can accelerate test throughput by plugging into the high-speed PCI Express bus in the personal computer where ScanWorks is running.

The new controller kits can apply ScanWorks non-intrusive board tests (NBT) to a circuit board. The PCIe-1000 is a single-TAP controller used for cost-effective JTAG testing. The PCIe-410 controller kit has a four-port interface pod that can test as many as four circuit boards simultaneously, reducing test times in high-volume manufacturing applications. Both the PCIe-1000 and the PCIe-410 controllers can also program memory or logic devices that have already been soldered to a circuit board.

Both of these controllers take advantage of the high speeds of the PCI Express bus in the PC that is hosting ScanWorks. That means that ScanWorks will execute faster on the PC. Then, when the tests are applied to the unit under test (UUT), ScanWorks can execute JTAG tests at the speed of the processor, the FPGA or the boundary-scan devices on the board, up to the maximum speed supported by the controller. An additional advantage to the PCIe-410 controller is that it supports parallel test and programming operations via JTAG. Pricing starts at $4,995.

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