Single-Chip Solution Brings Pen and Multi-Touch to the Small Screen

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Both pen and multi-touch on a single chip with a single sensor, provide device manufacturers with a compact, low-power solution and pave the way for N-trig to enter the handheld market. The newest DuoSense series of chips from N-trig is optimized for a variety of screen sizes, ranging from 5” handhelds to 11” tablets, and offers an Analog-IC that allows for support of up to 15.6” portable PCs.

The DuoSense single-chip solution supports both pen and multi-touch input for mobile computing, allowing for easier integration and flexibility in thinner and slimmer computing designs. It also offers the ability to support a chip-on-flex configuration, in which the chip is directly mounted and electronically connected to a flexible circuit, eliminating the need for a controller. The chipset family includes:

  • DS-P4048 - Optimized for handheld solutions with screen sizes of 5”-6”.
  • DS-P4080 - Optimized for mini-tablets with screen sizes of 6”-8”.
  • DS-P4096 - Optimized for tablets with screen sizes of 9”-11”.
  • DS-A4016 - An analog-IC that can be used in conjunction with the DS-P4096 to support Ultrabooks and mobile computing devices with screen sizes of up to 15.6”.
  • DS-D4000 – A Digital-IC together with multiple DS-A4016, is optimized for meeting the increasing demand for narrow designs in the Ultrabook and mobile computing device markets.

The DuoSense solution will be integrated into a number of Android and Windows/Windows 8-based tablets scheduled for release later this year.

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