High-Speed Storage System for Network Monitoring Applications

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A new platform for high-throughput data recording applications provides very high sustained write-to-disk rates for solutions such as network forensics, application performance optimization and deep packet analysis. The Nucleus RM Capture 16X3 from NextComputing offers a platform for today’s cutting-edge network monitoring solutions, combined with NextComputing’s solution-oriented engineering services and customization options. 

This latest product offers 16 front-access removable 3.5” hard drives. These drives are available in either SATA or SAS up to 3 Tbyte each for up to 48 Tbyte total capacity. Additionally, the system has two more rear-access removable 2.5” hard drives, available as SATA, SAS, or SSD up to 1 Tbyte each. These independent drives allow operating systems and applications to be installed on a separate volume from the high-speed storage array, improving reliability and enabling maximum storage utilizing all sixteen front-access drives.

The Nucleus RM Capture 16X3 offers very fast stream-to-disk performance by leveraging Intel Xeon E5-2600 series processors and the high-speed PCI Express 3.0 bus with direct access to processing and memory using Intel’s QuickPath Interconnect (QPI). This allows the system to support very fast data interfaces such as multiple 10G Ethernet ports or next-generation 40G capture devices without the performance bottlenecks found in previous generation architectures.

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