Low Power, Low Thermal DDR3L Memory Line Sports Lower Profile

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A new reduced height Very Low Profile (VLP) form factor DDR3L memory module offers a lower 17.17 mm alternative to the JEDEC standard VLP that has a height of 18.75 mm. By reducing the height, the DDR3L Blade VLP memory modules from Virtium offer a cost-effective solution that solves the space-constrained limitations found in many telecom and networking applications where it is difficult to accommodate the memory required for both an industry-standard DIMM or Mini DIMM socket plus a standard VLP at the 18.75 mm height.

These DDR3L Blade VLP memory modules not only solve system space constraints allowing more air flow in the system, but also utilize low power DRAM to reduce the thermal dissipation up to 10°C on the DRAM surface, thus enabling a considerable increase in system performance. This is a particular design advantage as JEDEC specifies that systems running memory beyond 85°C must double the memory self-refresh rate. Virtium’s low power DDR3L memory modules are designed to reduce the total power in systems that use multiple memory modules and those that must run above 85°C, which is a typical design challenge in a wide range of AdvancedTCA-based telecom and Ethernet blade switch networking applications.

Virtium DDR3L Blade VLP memory modules are available now in 4 Gbyte and 8 Gbyte densities in a wide range of ECC SODIMM, RDIMM, UDIMM and Mini DIMM configurations.

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