“Intelligent” Starter Kit for COM Express Type 6 Modules

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A new starter kit for COM Express Type 6 modules represents a complete, ready-to-run environment for the new range of Computer-on-Module (COM) cards integrating the latest interface standard. The kit from MSC Embedded contains a COM Express Type 6 baseboard, a heat sink with fan and two 4 Gbyte DDR3 memory modules. Users of the kit are free to choose any suitable COM Express Type 6 computer module from MSC’s growing portfolio.

MSC has created the COM Express Type 6 starter kit around a Type 6 baseboard, providing an environment for computer modules implementing the new standard. The baseboard in the kit features the COM Express Type 6 module socket and a large number of peripheral connectors supporting the most important computer interfaces. These include a PCI Express x 4 slot, an LPC bus on 10-pin header, 4x SATA connectors, 4x USB 3.0 interfaces (compliant with USB 2.0), VGA and DVI connectors, 3x DisplayPort and 3x HDMI connectors as well as a 40-pin eDP (Embedded DisplayPort) connector. The Ethernet connector supports 10/100/1000 Mbit/s signals, and there are 6x audio jacks and SPDIF connectors. In addition, a feature connector carries SMBus, I2C bus, a power and reset button, beeper, HD LED and other system signals, and a 4-pin fan connector that can drive and control the fan on the heat sink provided with the starter kit. The board is powered from a 20+4 pin ATX connector to be connected with a standard PC-type power supply.

This carrier board may also be used as a Type 6 to Type 2 adapter card. It features two COM Express Type 2 module connectors soldered to the reverse side, which allow the board to be plugged into the module socket on the popular MSC CX-MB-EVA2 COM Express Type 2 baseboard.  This approach creates a “virtual prototype” of a laboratory evaluation baseboard for COM Express modules. Owners of this board may use the baseboard of the new COM Express Type 6 starter kit to operate Type 6 modules in their Type 2 evaluation baseboard. In this configuration, the new interfaces are available on the peripheral connectors of the “adapter” card. Single unit pricing is $495.

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