Software Tools for Complete Vibration Testing Solution

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A software suite provides tools to output stimuli with waveform generation for testing. The VIBpoint Framework application from Data Translation, combined with DT dynamic signal acquisition (DAQ) devices, provides a complete vibration testing solution. The software is navigated through a series of easy-to-use configuration windows, allowing flexible selection of the desired acquisition, processing, plotting and display parameters. 

New waveform output features include continuous or burst DAC output of noise, swept sine and fixed frequency waveforms and the ability to synchronize output start/stop with analog input, or start/stop manually. Additionally the user can specify waveform on/off time and ramp up/ramp down time and lock the total waveform duration to analysis frame time (triggered), or total acquisition time (free run). Fixed frequency options include output frequency value, sine, square, ramp or triangle wave and continuous, burst, or repeat burst output.

The suite also offers swept sine options that include start/end output frequency values, single sweep or loop and linear or Log frequency change. Noise options include random, random normal, or pink noise in addition to continuous, burst, or repeat burst output. There is also the ability to select true random or pseudo random noise. Pricing starts at $1,495.

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