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A programming rule checker brings together a collection of rules from a broad spectrum of programming standards with the goal of improving software quality and consistency. Implemented as a stand-alone product, LDRArules from LDRA enables development teams to improve their software quality by selecting and adhering to relevant industry programming standards. Companies can easily configure LDRArules for a specific programming standard or choose to enforce in-house programming templates and improve their overall software development methodology.

Because programming errors are responsible for more than 70% of software defects, LDRA has actively worked on a number of standards bodies and organizations to develop programming standards that achieve early error identification and correction. LDRA offers programming standard conformance for more than a dozen programming standards, including MISRA-C:1998, MISRA-C:2004, MISRA AC, MISRA C++:2008, CERT C, CERT J, CWE, HIS, JPL, JSF++ AV, High Integrity C++, SPARK Ada subset and the Ravenscar Profile. The programming standards provide programming rules across the primary languages used in embedded design: C, C++, Ada and Java.

Developers can choose rules for a specific industry standard or they can select a combination of rules from a variety of standards, creating customized templates tailored for their company and projects. LDRArules documents which rules have been selected, ensuring complete transparency of what programming rules have been implemented.

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