Tool Verifies Test Coverage Completeness

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A stand-alone code coverage tool verifies that the source code of an application has been fully structurally tested. LDRAcover from LDRA responds to the needs of companies that wish to improve overall quality of code by ensuring complete testing, as well as those companies that must meet the most stringent levels of code verification in markets such as avionics, defense, industrial controls, automotive and medical devices.

Because software represents such a large portion of today’s safety- and security-critical systems, many applications now contain hundreds of thousands of lines of code. Without a tool that confirms all possible lines, decisions and test paths have been fully executed during testing, software providers cannot know that an untested component will not inadvertently be called once a system is in the field, leading to the potential for critical system failure or even loss of life.

Code coverage encompasses several levels of precision that range from simply showing whether a line of source code has been executed at least once by the set of test cases to the stringent requirements of modified condition/decision coverage (MC/DC), where a component is placed under exhaustive testing. MC/DC analysis is reserved for the most stringent levels of testing in DO-178B/C and ISO 26262, where failure of the software can result in loss of life.

LDRAcover analysis provides multiple levels of coverage, allowing the developer to select a range of options including: 


  • Statement—identifies missing test cases, dead code and lines of source code executed
  • Branch/decision—checks control-flow branches and loops
  • Procedure/Function Call—verifies that procedure/function calls and call returns executed
  • Branch Condition—checks that Boolean operands in a condition executed both TRUE and FALSE
  • Branch Condition Combination—checks that all unique combinations of Boolean condition operands executed both TRUE and FALSE
  • Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC)—confirms that every point of entry and exit was invoked at least once, every condition in a decision has been taken on all possible outcomes at least once, and each condition has been shown to independently affect the overall decision outcome. 


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