Platform for USB 3.0 Development Goes Beyond Traditional Stacks

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Stacks are no longer enough for reliable, extensible development and deployment of USB 3.0 according to MCCI Corporation. USB 3.0, now in Microsoft Windows 8 and Apple OS X Mountain Lion, is being used for a growing set of connectivity applications that require a new approach for USB host and device manufacturers to implement support to ensure the optimum consumer experience and predictable time-to-market. To address this issue, MCCI is now delivering a complete platform for USB 3.0 with its TrueTask USB development platform, which will deliver ROI savings as well as high reliability. 

TrueTask USB is a complete solution that includes USB 3.0 / USB 2.0 host and device support. It is highly portable, fast, efficient and designed to support a variety of hardware. MCCI’s USB 3.0 host software has been tested with tens of thousands of different devices and shipped with over 20 million PCs. In addition to licensing the software, MCCI offers design consultation, integration and customization services. MCCI, one of only nine certified USB-IF test houses worldwide, also offers extensive testing and verification services for USB developers.

Platforms go beyond simple stacks to provide APIs that are stable across releases and variations in hardware and operating system. Only a true platform allows the investment in USB development to be reused across changes in CPUs, operating systems and host or device controller silicon. Because MCCI’s TrueTask USB is portable to any embedded system without source code changes, it saves considerable time and thus costs for manufacturers. Unlike simple stacks where you have to re-code for each product and each update, TrueTask USB enables manufacturers to leverage their investments for quicker time-to-market and profit across all future products, and across multiple current products.

“ROI/cost of development data derived from detailed and extensive surveys of embedded developers has shown year-over-year that the use of commercial software, as compared with free or open-source software, results in a lower total cost of development, shorter time-to-market and better design outcomes,” said Dr. Jerry Krasner, vice president and chief analyst, Embedded Market Forecasters. “In a market where device manufacturers have a short window to launch new tablets, smartphones and other portable devices, buying commercial software from a company that knows how to implement USB connectivity makes good business sense.” 

MCCI’s TrueTask USB is available now to select, tier-one customers in automotive, consumer electronics and printer industries, and will be generally available by the end of Q4 2012. Prices start at $50,000 for a single-project development platform. Variants are available for a variety of embedded platforms, including Linux, MQX, Nucleus, micro-ITRON, Windows Embedded, Windows Compact Embedded and non-OS/pre-boot environments. 

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