Algorithmic Memory Delivers Performance and Density Advantages

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Based upon an award-winning Algorithmic Memory technology, a new semiconductor intellectual property (SIP) product is able to deliver up to a 4X increase in memory operations per second (MOPS) when integrated in SoC and ASOC designs. In addition, the Renaissance 4X product technology from Memoir Systems eliminates the need to build custom multiport memories and can reduce area and power requirements by up to 60% compared to conventional physical multiport implementations. By combining +Memoir’s patented memory algorithms with silicon-validated single-port/two-port memories, Renaissance 4X can generate memories with any read/write combinations for up to four active ports, easily achieving 4000 MOPS in a 28nm process.

Renaissance 4X alleviates the need for custom memory solutions and creates a versatile memory portfolio offering of six multiport memory generators that cater to different memory requirements and application needs. Memoir’s product uses standard 6T BIST and DFT methodologies, contains RTL that has been exhaustively verified using formal methodologies, and does not require silicon validation. Through this combination of benefits, Renaissance 4X provides a significant time-to-market advantage, lowers product development cost and reduces risk. With Renaissance 4X, customers have flexibility and options not available with custom memory solutions. For instance, memory replication is area inefficient, requires much higher power and only works to increase read performance. On the other hand, custom multiport solutions have higher costs, risks, and require a longer time-to-market. This means that they are not generally offered by third-party IP suppliers. 

From an application standpoint, Renaissance 4X meets the data requirements of next-generation SoCs used in networking and communication subsystems that have aggregated speeds above 400 Gbit/s. This means that Renaissance 4X has extensive applicability for memories that require multiple memory accesses per cycle, such as packet buffers, counters, netflow, linked lists, schedulers, lookup tables, etc. In addition, Renaissance 4X provides multiport memories for shared L2 and L3 cache architectures, for high-performance multicore SoCs. Renaissance 4X Generators are available now and list pricing starts at $500,000 plus royalties.

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