PCIe Quad-Port Switch Board Operates at 64 Gbit/s

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A new PCIe x8 Gen 3 quad-port cable adapter operates as a switch board in I/O expansion applications to fan out the PCIe signal to up to four I/O devices like storage arrays and/or expansion systems. The new adapters are also field-programmable to allow the different ports to receive or transmit data. The quad-port switch board is ideal for building data storage farms.

The two-slot wide board has one PCIe x16 edge connector and four PCIe x8 cable connectors on the slot cover. Therefore, in an I/O expansion application, the card receives data from one server and transmits it to four I/O points. This quad-port board eliminates the need for an external switch, which in turn saves 1U of rack space.

Steve Cooper, CEO, says of Gen 3 adapters, “These state-of-the-art products bring greater performance, less overhead and lower latencies to a demanding technology. With PCI Express being the bus structure that all PCs are built on today, these products have great longevity with new applications being continually unveiled. OSS will continue to lead this technology and bring its latest developments to the market.” The quad-port switch lists for $2,175.

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