VPX Storage Module Boots over SATA/SAS and PCI Express for Use with Any CPU

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A new bootable storage module in a 3U form factor, suitable for use with any CPU, supports dual slim SATA drives or a single 2.5” drive, either rotating or solid-state. The Xembedded XVPX-9756 is a SATA/SAS module from Acromag that connects directly to the CPU via SATA signals or by means of PCI Express signals through an onboard controller. Given its connectivity options, the module is a universally bootable storage solution. The operating range is 0 to 70°C or -40° to 85°C, dependent upon thermal options. This module permits booting on SATA/SAS or PCIe signals, suiting either customized or standard backplanes, which allows all CPU boards to benefit.

By employing dual slim SATA drives on the XVPX-9756, users can take advantage of a simple single-card RAID system. This drive module is RAID 0/1 configurable with the option to use RAID 0 striping for high data throughput, or RAID 1 mirroring so that data written on one disk drive is also simultaneously written to the other disk drive.

The XVME-9756 SATA/SAS bootable storage module is part of Acromag’s line of Xembedded computing solutions. With Xembedded computer boards, users leverage the experience gained from providing embedded computing solutions for more than three decades, including the original Intel-based VME processor module. Xembedded processor and data storage modules deliver dependable, high-performance technologies to maximize efficiency and minimize risk in critical computing applications. List price is $1,345 for air-cooled, $2,025 for conduction-cooled and $2,590 for REDI covers.

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