Conduction Cooled OpenVPX StoreEngine Moves 750 Mbyte/s

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A scalable storage server designed for high-performance embedded systems provides the built-in capability to operate as a high-bandwidth data recorder, embedded RAID or file server. The StoreEngine from Critical I/O is an OpenVPX conduction-cooled scalable solid state storage blade that is easily scalable in storage capacity and performance by simply adding additional StoreEngine blades that seamlessly work together. StoreEngine provides superior storage capability, ultra high performance and high capacity all within a small size, weight and power (SWaP) footprint. StoreEngine is suitable for high-bandwidth data recording, file serving and general purpose RAID applications.

Embedded storage applications are often challenging as they require a wide range of performance, capacity and interface options—and this is particularly true for high-bandwidth data recording functions. StoreEngine is designed to address these specialized requirements by making it highly configurable and easy to scale by adding additional blades. File serving, RAID and data recording functions are all built in and available with the StoreEngine blade. And now StoreEngine is available in a highly rugged conduction-cooled OpenVPX form factor, enabling this advanced storage product to be used in flight or other rugged environments.

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