New Version of PSoC Designer IDE for Cypress Devices

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Cypress Semiconductor has introduced PSoC Designer 5.3, a new version of its Integrated Design Environment (IDE) for the PSoC 1 Programmable System-on-Chip architecture. The new version includes over 30 new or enhanced user modules, which are free “Virtual Chips” represented by an icon, which are used to integrate multiple ICs and system interfaces into a single PSoC device. Also included in Version 5.3 are multiple new features to make designing with PSoC faster and easier.

PSoC Designer helps users harness the power and flexibility of PSoC 1 devices. By operating at a higher level of abstraction and not requiring firmware development, it enables new designs to be created, simulated and programmed to the targeted PSoC device in hours or days instead of in weeks or months. It provides the user with a catalog of peripheral functions called “user modules.” User modules take the configurable PSoC devices and create useful functions as diverse as counters, timers and PWMs, analog converters, both ADCs and DACs, communications links like UARTs, SPI and I2C, as well as comparators, programmable gain blocks, filters and even bootloaders. Each user module includes the hardware configuration data, startup code, an interrupt service routine when applicable, and a set of APIs.

Some of the new user modules in Version 5.3 are a gas-sensing analog front end (AFE), a fan controller, a voltage sequencer, an SMBus slave and a thermistor interface. These user modules can be dragged and dropped as icons into a design. They are pre-tested and pre-characterized, and each comes with a datasheet that designers can use to customize the functionality for their specific designs. PSoC Designer 5.3 includes over 150 of these user modules, making designing with PSoC 1 devices fast and easy.

In addition to the new user modules, Cypress has added a new auto-routing capability that radically simplifies the creation of systems using PSoC. Additional ease-of-use features include a filterable device catalog, GUI improvements, easier user module customization and a project archive capability.

The flexible PSoC digital and analog blocks allow designers to future-proof their products by enabling firmware-based changes during design, validation, production and in the field. The unique PSoC flexibility shortens design cycle time and allows for late-breaking feature enhancements. All PSoC devices are also dynamically reconfigurable, enabling designers to morph internal resources on-the-fly, utilizing fewer components to perform a given task.

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