New Improved Projected Capacitive Touchpanel Seeks to Replace Resistive Touch

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Sophisticated displays for medical technology and industrial electronics applications require high-quality state-of-the-art touchpanel solutions at reasonable pricing. Display Solution is pleased to announce the availability of the Evervision, a new and improved projected capacitive touchpanel (IPCT) product line from Enervisions. The Evervision specifically addresses customers and manufacturers on the way to jump into modern cost-effectively projected capacitive touch technology as well as for customized small order quantities with long-term availability.

IPCT’s key benefits compared to conventional PCT solutions are mainly economic aspects. The favorable price/performance ratio of Evervision’s IPCT touch panel is achieved by using raw materials and production processes that are also applied in LCD manufacturing. This is a benefit also for fully customized solutions, which can be realized at feasible tool costs. Due to mechanical dimensions that are identical with the existing resistive touch panel standard, IPCT touch panels can be integrated into current projects in the course of a redesign without the need to modify the enclosure. Projected capacitive touch technology allows touch recognition through a glass surface mounted on top of the display. Its resistance to scratches, moisture and impurities makes it an ideal solution for outdoor applications. The IPCT touch panel’s glass surface allows cleansing and disinfection with almost all agents.

Evervision offers IPCT in sizes from 3.5” up to 10.2” already mounted on the corresponding Evervision TFT displays. The IPCT touch panel comes with a durable surface hardness of 7H, reliably detects up to five fingers, and is not sensitive to detergents or to disinfectants. Its transparency is 85 percent. Further characteristics are an I2C interface (USB in Q1/2013) and a chip-on-flex structure.

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